Tuesday, May 26, 2009

GSB2009 Event May 27, 2009

I will be giving a presentation on Wednesday, May 27th for a panel of Saint Thomas University professors for my graduate Art Marketing class, one part of the Art Management MA program.

The presentation is the result of two semesters of research into Art, Museums and Marketing. Part of the presentation involves utilizing an internet driven social marketing campaign. One of the goals is to show the speed at which brands can get integrated into the always on, spur of the moment, connected world of the cloud.

This demonstration aims to create a little buzz in a short amount of time (less than 24 hours) through tagging, metadata, taxonomy, semantics, analytics, scraping, linking, and a little luck.

Check the Twitter feed for up to the minute information.

Who knew?

A sudden and unexpected patriotic stirring convinced me post this. I used to admire the graphic quality of flags growing up. The first design of the United States flag was created by a declaration by the Continental Congress in 1777...long before my childhood. But there is more behind the flag than just a branding of our country, the flag has plenty of intrinsic meaning.

Basic Flag Handling:
US flags may only be raised in clement weather, may never touch the ground, and shall only be flown at night with proper illumination.

I never knew, but when one folds a US flag, each triangle fold has significance:
First fold - Symbol of life
Second fold - Belief of eternal life
Third fold - Honor and remembrance of past veterans
Fourth fold - Our weaker nature and trust in God
Fifth fold - Tribute to country
Sixth fold - Where our hearts lie (Where we pledge allegiance)
Seventh fold - Tribute to the Armed Forces
Eighth fold - Psalm 23 and honor our Mothers
Ninth fold - Tribute to womanhood
Tenth fold - Tribute to fatherhood
Eleventh fold - Seal of King David & Seal of King Solomon
Twelfth fold - Represents an emblem of eternity and glorifies God the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost. Also, symbolizes the day's light vanishing into the darkness of the night.

Martha Stewart: Flag Folding & USflag.org

Thanks Lia.