Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Le Creuset knob replacement made easy

The lid to our lovely Le Creuset cast iron dutch oven recently crashed on our terrazzo floor. The black phenolic resin knob suffered catastrophic damage...a complete loss. A quick perusal of found a replacement knob: $10+$6 for shipping. Well, we ordered one.

Then the idea struck...maybe the manufacturer sells replacements. It can't be that expensive to ship a knob from France, right? Well, after checking their website, I found out they don't sell replacements. I contacted customer service and received a very prompt response: What size pot do you have? Plastic or metal knob? After I replied to the email, a response came: Your new knob is in the mail. I canceled the amazon order.

They charged me a total of $0 for a new knob! Free! What a classy company! That's what I expect from the finest manufacturer of iron cookware. Viva La France!

Jott: One (formerly) way cool service for organizationally challenged folks like me.

Jott was formerly my favorite thing since sliced bread. The amazing text to speech program, which is accessible via a toll free number, keeps track of my random thoughts, to do lists, and adds events to my Google Calendar. Unfortunately, as of this morning, Jott is out of beta, and they have switched to a subscription model.

According to their website, in order to Jott to my Google Calendar (or Remember the Milk, Yahoo Groups, and other “premium Jott links”) one must pay them no less than $3.95/month. Full functionality that formerly cost $0.00/mo. is now $12.95/mo. Way to go Jott! Thanks for the upgrade! Sucks!