Thursday, October 15, 2009

I feel ancient. My iPhone is finally obsolete.

I have finally reached the point where my iPhone can't do something I want it to do. I have been anticipating the Layar app since reading about it a few months back. So imagine my excitement upon learning it is available in the App Store. Granted, I knew the application would not be fully functional, but I love maps and data so decided to download to my phone anyway.

1G iPhone users, go ahead and try...a full iPhone FAIL. The Store will not allow me to download. It may be time to upgrade my handset. I feel so obsolete seeing my lack of features: video camera, GPS and a digital compass. Wow! iPhones do that now?

Anyone tried Layar yet?

Via: Gadget Lab [Wired]
Download link [iTunes]

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

GSB2009 Event May 27, 2009

I will be giving a presentation on Wednesday, May 27th for a panel of Saint Thomas University professors for my graduate Art Marketing class, one part of the Art Management MA program.

The presentation is the result of two semesters of research into Art, Museums and Marketing. Part of the presentation involves utilizing an internet driven social marketing campaign. One of the goals is to show the speed at which brands can get integrated into the always on, spur of the moment, connected world of the cloud.

This demonstration aims to create a little buzz in a short amount of time (less than 24 hours) through tagging, metadata, taxonomy, semantics, analytics, scraping, linking, and a little luck.

Check the Twitter feed for up to the minute information.

Who knew?

A sudden and unexpected patriotic stirring convinced me post this. I used to admire the graphic quality of flags growing up. The first design of the United States flag was created by a declaration by the Continental Congress in 1777...long before my childhood. But there is more behind the flag than just a branding of our country, the flag has plenty of intrinsic meaning.

Basic Flag Handling:
US flags may only be raised in clement weather, may never touch the ground, and shall only be flown at night with proper illumination.

I never knew, but when one folds a US flag, each triangle fold has significance:
First fold - Symbol of life
Second fold - Belief of eternal life
Third fold - Honor and remembrance of past veterans
Fourth fold - Our weaker nature and trust in God
Fifth fold - Tribute to country
Sixth fold - Where our hearts lie (Where we pledge allegiance)
Seventh fold - Tribute to the Armed Forces
Eighth fold - Psalm 23 and honor our Mothers
Ninth fold - Tribute to womanhood
Tenth fold - Tribute to fatherhood
Eleventh fold - Seal of King David & Seal of King Solomon
Twelfth fold - Represents an emblem of eternity and glorifies God the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost. Also, symbolizes the day's light vanishing into the darkness of the night.

Martha Stewart: Flag Folding &

Thanks Lia.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

It's official...Bonnaroo doesn't suck this year.

Finally we get a good Bonnaroo lineup! Watch this video.

Too bad Langerado was canceled...not. I live about five minutes from their almost new venue (almost new because they aren't going there now) and even I wouldn't buy tickets for their strange band lineup. It was fun a few years ago in the Everglades...DWNTWN MIA? Not so much.

Oh thank you Bonnaroo! Your are a jewel in a now eminent summer roadtrip.

Oh, did I mention Phish will be playing? Yep. Pretty sick.

See ya'll there.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Dell's Inspiron Mini 9 - $99 w/ another laptop?

Dell announced their new small form factor laptop the Inspiron Mini 9 yesterday. According to their website, the small laptop is "your new best friend." A post on revealed a link to the Direct2Dell blog announcing a US only promotion to purchase a Mini for only $99 with the purchase of a Studio 15, XPS M1530 or XPS 1330 laptop through 6 a.m. Tuesday, Sept. 9th.

Perfect, I need a new laptop, and have been pricing out a Studio 15 for about three weeks now. A second laptop for $99 more...bring it on! Yesterday, I configured a great (for me and my wife) 15, hooked up with 2.0 Core Duo, 3GB of memory, 256MB ATI graphics card, and free 2 day shipping. Under the Add My Software and Accessories tab, I added the $99 Ubuntu laptop, saved my cart and emailed it to myself (had to wait for Friday's paycheck.)

Well, Friday morning is here and my cart with the Mini 9 is no longer available. After a 10 minute wait to chat with a Dell rep (and a switch to Internet Explorer since chat wouldn't work with Firefox), the rep told me they are, "...communicating with our marketing department about this promotion...," and promised to call me once they have the details sorted out.

I will keep you updated as information becomes available. We here at Den Spitzhacke take this very seriously.


After perusing the Direct2Dell blog, and reading the subsequent post on engadget, it looks like Dell has baited and switched us on this deal. They will only let you buy select laptops now. Funny, their posting on their blog didn't mention these specific laptops. The laptops had to be Studio 15s or select XPS's.

I don't want their overpriced, 3 year warranty, Studio 15 for $1048. I want my configured Studio 15 for $699. What gives Dell? How are you going to make this right?


Well, after configuring and reconfiguring, I have finally got my Studio 15 and Mini 9. Luckily, through my employment, we have an employee purchase program. I built my Studio 15 to my specs, and the Mini 9 came up as an accessory. I could even customize it (and did!)

After some intense waiting for the checkout process to finish, I got confirmation of my two new laptops!

Judging by the fact that last night I could configure my own Studio 15 and add the $99 Mini 9, it seems that Dell will honor all Studio 15 purchases, eventually. I think they don't have their sales and marketing teams together yet. Be patient. I think Dell wants to make this right!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Le Creuset knob replacement made easy

The lid to our lovely Le Creuset cast iron dutch oven recently crashed on our terrazzo floor. The black phenolic resin knob suffered catastrophic damage...a complete loss. A quick perusal of found a replacement knob: $10+$6 for shipping. Well, we ordered one.

Then the idea struck...maybe the manufacturer sells replacements. It can't be that expensive to ship a knob from France, right? Well, after checking their website, I found out they don't sell replacements. I contacted customer service and received a very prompt response: What size pot do you have? Plastic or metal knob? After I replied to the email, a response came: Your new knob is in the mail. I canceled the amazon order.

They charged me a total of $0 for a new knob! Free! What a classy company! That's what I expect from the finest manufacturer of iron cookware. Viva La France!

Jott: One (formerly) way cool service for organizationally challenged folks like me.

Jott was formerly my favorite thing since sliced bread. The amazing text to speech program, which is accessible via a toll free number, keeps track of my random thoughts, to do lists, and adds events to my Google Calendar. Unfortunately, as of this morning, Jott is out of beta, and they have switched to a subscription model.

According to their website, in order to Jott to my Google Calendar (or Remember the Milk, Yahoo Groups, and other “premium Jott links”) one must pay them no less than $3.95/month. Full functionality that formerly cost $0.00/mo. is now $12.95/mo. Way to go Jott! Thanks for the upgrade! Sucks!